What Is Reputation Management and Why Is It Important?

What Is Reputation Management and Why Is It Important?

You want to grow your business, and that means maintaining your online reputation. A more prominent online presence means more chances for bad reviews. That could mean earning a bad reputation for your business, which means losing sales. That doesn’t have to happen, though. Read on to learn what reputation management is and why you need to get it today!

What Is Reputation Management?

Having social media for your business puts you in a great position to grow. Social media gives you direct contact with your customers. With social media, you can learn what your customers need or like without the hassle of surveys. You can more easily solve any customer’s problem. It also grants you free advisement with every Tweet or post. So, you want a solid social media presence, but with that comes considerable risk. One careless Tweet can turn away potential customers. If that happens, it becomes increasingly difficult to rebuild your client base. Simply put, reputation management is the process of controlling your online influence. It helps you maintain a healthy online presence and what others think of your business.

Why Reputation Management Important

It changes how people perceive you in the media. With the proper reputation management, you can build up your trust and credibility. Boost your positive reviews and reduce negative ones, which can dramatically increase repeat and new business. In the end, it will increase your revenue, and in some cases, even double it. Reputation management makes you more appealing to potential customers because an excellent online reputation familiarizes your brand and name. New customers are more likely to choose your business over your competitors. Another benefit is it increases your chance of showing up in search engines.

Search engine algorithms will stress the business with the most reviews. If you generate enough, you increase your visibility, so you want to be sure you have a high rating.

All this will increase your sales, and the more deals you have, the more reliable your brand will become. By choosing to have reputation management, you are ensuring future sales.

What If You Already Have a Bad Reputation?

Don’t worry; reputation management can fix that too. You tend to have a lot more control when and if something goes wrong. You’ll be able to join the conversation and spin it in your favor. Soothing an angry customer can put your reputation back on track before it gets out of hand. You’ll be able to correct any wrongs and defend your business. You can even start fresh if you need to. With reputation management, you won’t just maintain a good reputation. You will have a greater chance of regaining that good reputation if something happens.

Begin Managing Your Reputation

You’re proud of your business, and you want others to be proud of it too. So, it’s not a question of what reputation management is. The question is, where do you start?

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Contact us at Eztransition and book a free consultation today!

3 Incredible Advantages of Online Reputation Management

3 Incredible Advantages of Online Reputation Management

Any business or entity that has a lot of customers is sure to have at least a few haters. In 2020, managing these unsatisfied customers is more important than ever. It only takes one dedicated internet troll to tank your business’s hopes and dreams.

To manage the hate, you need an online reputation management strategy.

Are you not convinced that managing your online rep is important for your business? Learn three key advantages to adopting a strategy below.

1. Stave Off Negativity

Do you think that what people say about you online doesn’t matter? Think again!

A whopping 91% of Millennials say they trust online reviews as much as their families. That means one negative review (even a false one) can push countless customers away.

By focusing on your online reputation, you can stave off negativity. Prevent revenue loss by implementing the following strategies:

  • Respond to the comment or review ASAP
  • Acknowledge the customer’s feelings or complaint
  • Ask the customer to reach out directly to your business
  • Offer the customer a workable solution
  • Once the matter is handled, ask if the customer is willing to update their review or comment to reflect how you handled it

Have you failed to respond to a negative comment or review in the past? If so, then it’s difficult to discern how much damage the negativity did to your company. Despite that, it’s never too late to respond to an unhappy customer.

Start managing your online rep, and you can reverse the unhappy customer curse today.

2. Build Trust and Credibility

When you have a question or want to research something, where do you turn? Long gone are the days when we headed to the library. Now, the majority of us immediately reach for Google.

Your customers do the same.

Now, imagine a world where you scooped up all that internet traffic! Such a world is possible through online reputation management. Potential customers will see you as more trustworthy and credible.

3. Boost Your Brand and Business

One of the most important reasons to focus on the digital world is to boost your brand and business. If you can find success scooping up internet traffic, you can gain good leads. Those leads can and do turn into revenue for your business.

Businesses with a good online rep increase their sales. More profit is always good for business. On top of that, you can attract better employees, which can help build your business.

If you fail to do these things, then your competitors will take advantage of that. They’ll likely be raking in your potential clients right out from under you.

Why Your Online Reputation Management Matters

Online reputation management is more than a good idea in 2020, it’s crucial. Don’t make the mistake of assuming a few bad reviews will go unnoticed by your customers. You also should never assume that social media is irrelevant.

Despite knowing its importance, you may struggle with executing a good strategy. If you find yourself in a tough spot, then that’s where we come in! Get in touch with our EZtransition professionals to learn more about how we can help.

The Importance of Good Reviews for Restaurants: 5 Facts to Know

The Importance of Good Reviews for Restaurants: 5 Facts to Know

Did you know there are over one million restaurants currently operating in the United States? That’s a lot of competition!

If you want to stand out from the crowd and make sure your restaurant is the one that customers choose when planning a night out, you’ll need to put in some effort. Having an amazing website is a great start, but, unfortunately, that’s not enough.

Restaurants that understand the importance of good reviews will outpace their competitors every time. Not convinced? Take a look at these five important facts you need to know.

1. People Love to Read Reviews (And They Trust Them)

If you’re not sure about the importance of good restaurant reviews, this statistic should change your mind. Studies show that a shocking 90% of people read customer reviews before visiting a business.

Not only that, but a full 84% say that they trust the reviews they read just as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. 

2. Reviews Make Your Restaurant More Visible

Most customers who want to try out a new restaurant will head over to Google, Yelp, or even Facebook for some ideas. If you have a steady pipeline of positive reviews coming in, the algorithms will favor your listing, making it more likely that people will see it.

3. They Offer Social Proof

Social proof is a phenomenon that occurs when the actions of others around us influence our decisions. When your restaurant has a ton of five-star ratings and raving reviews, people won’t want to miss out on the experience.

Seeing that other peers are raving about a restaurant makes potential customers feel like they want to join in on the trend too.

4. Great Reviews Increase Sales

Perhaps the most distinguishing fact when it comes to the importance of reviews for restaurants is simply that it will increase your bottom line.

A study by Harvard Business School found that a one-star increase on your Yelp rating can lead to a 5 to 9% increase in your restaurant’s revenue. 

5. They Help Personalize Your Business

Online reviews also give you a public, open forum to communicate with your customers. The importance of testimonials is that it shows potential customers what they can expect from your restaurant. But that’s not it.

Make sure you respond to every comment you receive. This shows that there’s a real person behind your brand, which makes it more likely that customers will want to support your business. Even if you get a negative review, taking the time to respond and make things right can paint your restaurant in a positive light.

Experience the Importance of Good Reviews for Yourself

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of good reviews, you’re probably ready to start enjoying the benefits. We can help!

Learn more about our online reputation management system and how it can help you grow your restaurant business. Then, contact us to get started!