A whopping 75% of marketers admit to using automation tools in their businesses. Email marketing is an excellent way of creating brand awareness. The method is affordable, effective, and the conversion rates are high if you send compelling emails. However, the emails might be overwhelming to handle if your business is large. In that case, you may consider email automation for the auto-replies. If you would like to grow your email marketing strategy, read on to know why automation would be a great idea.

Saves Your Time

Email automation saves you precious business time. The only work you do is set the emails you would like to use and then create your ideal message. After that, your automation tools send the right messages to the right people at the right time. Besides sending, the automation tools autoreply the mails, further saving time. You can use that time to carry out other routine activities in your business.

Helps You to Measure the Results

You can measure or track your email marketing performance when using the automation tools. You can see the number of people who saw your emails, who opened them, and who replied. Such metrics can help you determine the weak elements of your email marketing that you should drop. You can also note the great strategies which bring the most conversions.

Encourages Email Personalization

Great email automation software can help you personalize your emails. Some tools, for instance, allow you to add specific subject lines for the recipient. The personalized Meta tags/subject lines can boost the emails’ opening by up to 35%. If you plan to send the emails to recipients of different levels, the automation tools can help you personalize them to meet your clients’ needs.

Makes Message Segmentation Easier

Did you know that market segmentation can improve your click by more than 50%? And reduce your marketing costs too?  You can segment your market according to the geographical location, age, gender, or their behaviors. The manual targeting would be hard and complicated if you were to reach everyone, but automation can make the segmentation easier. The automation tools help you to deliver your messages to your desired group within the shortest time possible.

Improves Engagement

You may not have all the time to wait for your clients’ emails to reply to them.  With automation tools, you can readily initiate conversations with your clients at any time. Customers can also receive direct autoreply messages, which make them feel appreciated. The appreciation can boost your reputation and give you a competitive edge.

Saves Costs

It’s the goal of every entrepreneur to save money in marketing communication. Although you may spend some cash in purchasing the automation software, the long-term cost savings are more than manual texts’ costs. For maximum cost savings, it’s advisable to consult a cost analysis before buying the automation tools. After that, you may choose the best tools, which promise the highest returns.

Find an Email Automation Expert

Digital marketing requires well-thought decisions. Don’t rush to invest in a communication strategy when you are not prepared. EZtransition can help assess your business needs and get you started with an email automation strategy. EZtransition creates powerful web platforms for small local businesses that can help double revenue.

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